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Client Testimonials

After over 30 years in Corporate America, I decided it was time to take a chance on Jill. Although I was ready, I needed help to determine my direction and a strategy. I found that help in Karyn & Denise of Twelvesat12. With similar tenures in Corporate America, they understood my hesitancies and fears. Twelvesat12 provided the counsel and advice I needed to start my entrepreneurial journey. We developed my personal action plan that considered my current personal and professional goals and responsibilities. A plan that I am working on now. Starting my own business has afforded me the opportunity to utilize the skills I have acquired in Corporate to become an entrepreneur. In this new space I am able to establish my own boundaries and limitations. I work when I want or am able and when I don’t want/am not able, I don’t. While I’m still in Corporate, for now, I’m using my new flexibility, to build a foundation for my future. In the meantime, the extra income is a nice bonus. Thank you Twelvesat12!


Although I have been an entrepreneur prior to working with Twelvesat12, I have expanded my business strategy and increased my monthly income as a result of the mentorship and processes I’ve gleaned from Twelvesat12. In addition, I have gained a substantial business network where I feel supported and motivated to set business goals and achieve them.

Stacey M.

Twelvesat12 has been a blessing to me. I underwent their mentorship to launch out and start my own business approximately 2 years ago. This was a leap of faith given I was not employed but truly found a stream of income that bridges the gap between jobs. I appreciate the support and leadership I have received and will use these skills to further my corporate career and my entrepreneurial goals.

Sara M.

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